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Casein Protein Powder



Six Star Elite Series Casein Protein Powder

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LET YOUR PROTEIN DO THE WORK – Each scoop serves up 24g of protein and 4.9g of BCAAs – leucine, isoleucine and valine – to fuel you up, day in and day out. FUEL YOUR RECOVERY AFTER HOURS – 100% of the casein component in Six Star Casein Protein is high-quality casein protein, a form of protein that has a slow absorption rate into the bloodstream. YOU GROW WHILE YOU SLEEP, LITERALLY – This sustained delivery ensures a continued flow of amino acids to your muscles ENHANCED WITH PROVEN MUSCLE & STRENGTH BUILDER – Core ingredients scientifically superior to regular whey protein, test subjects built 4X the muscle and 2X the strength ENGINEERED FOR ALL ATHLETES: Active men & women, strength trainers, all athletes, fitness enthusiasts, body builders, endurance athletes

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